A bit about me

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I am a writer of poetry, non-fiction and blog posts, whose first ever writing project was published in 2010. My work was featured in PENnings magazine in 2016 and in the ScottishPEN anthology to mark their 90th anniversary celebration in 2017. Even though I am a poet just for fun, I absolutely love that my poetry was published alongside the poetry of some leading names from Scotland’s literary community. I have self-published three poetry collections in which I explore the immigrant experience, stories that navigate from home to unfamiliar places, motherhood, black womanhood, identity and more. I have always been enthusiastic about writing and I couldn’t be happier to have turned my passion into a thriving career. I love telling a story because I know how a story can impact and influence people, and the decisions they make about what is going on around them.

My writing is not always personal. I have an academic background in Contextual Theology from the University of Manchester. Theology is a subject that I developed a passion for over the years because I question where God is in some situations. I also bring with me the experience of community having been exposed to a broad scenario of settings that affect families, especially migrant women and children; which is why you will find that most of my writing confronts and gives an insight into various social issues drawn from these communities.  I feel that the time that I invest in investigating social issues makes those issues well worth writing about. 

Besides writing; I enjoy spoken word. I am an avid reader – with a very special interest in cultural diversity in diaspora, Liberation Theology, managing mental health, uplifting and educating African children. I have been told that I have a big heart and have a great spirit to match it. Some people say that I am impulsive, spontaneous and awkward; – but warm, lol, they could be right! I see myself as a dreamer, an optimist, an advocate, a life, arts and culture explorer, a community builder, a traveler, a good food and music lover, a gardener, an obsessive recycler and above everything, a work in progress. 

I have also spent a long time dedicated to my mission of making a profound difference in people’s lives. I have plenty of drive and passion for true change within our society, so much such that I have been invited to give input into the Race Equalities Framework for Scotland 2016-2030.  which feedbacks directly to the Scottish Government. My main thing is transformational change, and with that comes my responsibility as Founder and Director of an organization run by Africans for Africans whose focus is on empowerment and community building. I am always motivated to create products and workshops that assist driven individuals into achieving personal development and self-improvement, which I believe in turn, helps our communities. I thrive on creating opportunities for people in deprived communities.

I am very appreciative of digital and online technologies, and their importance as they are able to provide an accessible place for me to connect with a wider audience. Please explore my site and stay in touch!