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community education

According to the history books, Shona people regarded their women highly because the women were the backbone of the livelihood of the tribe, they held together the home/the village (imba mukadzi); and they were considered to have a connection to the life force of the tribe. The question that must come to the fore of the discussion is that; If Shona culture and religion upholds women and regards its women highly, why then do the women find themselves in positions of powerlessness in contemporary culture?

Much as it can be argued that these women hold a certain amount of power within their own rights as women, why then are men not found to treat them with high regard or much screenshot_2017-01-08-04-13-48-1acknowledgement?

Could it be the understanding imposed by man that he (man), falls in the same ranks as God within the culture, in the sense that he is head of the house? Or is there a manipulation of what the understanding should be?

let’s discuss…….


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