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Screenshot_2017-01-08-04-13-48-1.pngSome of the best known Greek philosophers taught that women are inferior by nature, and regarded women as personal possession of their husbands and fathers as well as household slaves. Due to British missionary work and the colonisation of Africa, I believe that the attitude of treating women as secondary filtered into our African civilisations and influenced the men of our tribes. These western ideas have thereby tarnished the customs and traditions within our tribes, and influenced a different way of life for us as we witness attitudes in African communities today that plague us and bring about issues such as domestic violence, slave labour, rape culture and so on.

A.      Would it be fair to say that the dominance of women that the African community encounters from its men, has sprung from western patriarchal ideas that have forever placed women, in secondary positions within every aspect of society?

B.      Would it be fair to say that our African men have been caught up in the historical patterns of domination from one human group to another and hence women find themselves at the end of their brutality and greed as opposed to being protected by them?

C.      Would it be fair to ruffle some emotions and assume that since our African forefathers failed to defend our culture and traditions from those that came in opposed them, and they themselves became victim to western dominance; that the case here may be that of powerlessness thereby our African fathers and brothers are taking their own position within the cycle to dominate their women?

Let’s debate……Think of the history of your culture or tribe in respect to the value of women.


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