Me, Myself & I

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Screenshot_2017-01-08-11-02-41-2.pngI am an introvert and I would not have it any other way. Being an introvert has its own merits, and off course, it has its downsides. I have been labelled a snob by some, and others have diagnosed me as having mental health conditions because I don’t like to “associate”. These people, whom I like to label ‘unqualified professionals’, seem to have overlooked the fact that I have a choice. I don’t have to associate/socialise with others, I can choose not to.

I choose not to socialise simply because I find myself with so much to do, that I enjoy to do in my own company. On a good day, Me, Myself & I have so much fun together, we are an awesome trio that understand each other really and perfectly well. We have the same sense of humour. We pretty much like the same things; stuff like books, history, television programmes, sightseeing tours, wine, fudge, art, bars and food; AND, we never fail to agree on doing either one of those things together at the same time. As you maybe can tell, we have the same taste in just about everything, therefore we don’t have any compromises to make with each other. We don’t overstep our boundaries around each other. We don’t borrow each other’s belongings and not return them back. We don’t wear each other’s clothes. We are not jealous about each other or gossip about each other.

I am sure that you completely catch my drift; what I am saying is that Me, Myself & I get along really well with one another and we are just perfect together. Our trio encounters numerous pleasant experiences together and we would not have it any other way.

As for those people that have an opinion about us, the ‘unqualified professionals’ and those that simply misunderstand us; the idea of being around such people just makes us want to shut them out, so we can enjoy our own company in peace.

Me, Myself & I actually love being alone.


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