How could you vote for Trump?

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Screenshot_2017-01-08-04-05-34-1.pngWhat a disappointment it was for me

When I found out that you voted for Trump

How much it upsets me

That I broke bread with you

Left my black children in your care

Trusted you like the sister that I never had

But you voted for Trump


During the elections

I remember speaking to you about my deepest fears

About how hostile the community had become

About being an immigrant amongst racists

And you sympathised with me

Why? when you voted for Trump


We discussed human rights issues

We discussed inclusion and diversity issues

You swore that you loved humans

Red, blue, green, brown, black, white

All of us – You Liar!

You voted for Trump


Now here I am, angry, uncomfortable & betrayed

I thought I knew you till now

How could you vote for Trump?

How could you tolerate his bigotry?

I saw it on your Facebook page.


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