World AIDS day 2016

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black health / community education / personal development/transformational change

screenshot_2017-01-08-04-09-22-1Long gone are the days where this condition was dubbed “the Gay man’s disease” because here in the first world; transmission of HIV has significantly slowed down amongst Gay and Bi- sexual men, yet the recordings for transmission of HIV in 2016 amongst BME groups globally is very high.

I want to speak on black people because they are a part of my community. It seems that even though there is a great effort being made within the medical field to fight and control the spread of the disease; black people are doing nothing else but being reckless with their lives by promoting promiscuity and having unprotected sex.

We (black people) must realise that we are the most at risk group and we (black people) must start thinking about why that is and what we can do about it.  Why are we (black people) taking it for granted that we have access to medication? Since we have realised the medical advancement in treating this disease, we (black people) have become complacent in taking protective and preventative measures at our own detriment.  We (black people) have not thought long enough or deep enough about whose responsibility it is to control the spreading of HIV. In a way, I am calling us out because I observe our behaviour and lifestyles; the way we (black people) exchange sexual partners amongst ourselves; the way we (black people) speak positively about polygamy and promote it without thinking of the disadvantages of it; the way our men (black men) think that they can be crowned “champion” by how many women they bed on a weekly basis. Black men are popular for insisting on unprotected sex even though they know that they have multiple partners. Black men don’t take responsibility when they contract HIV, they blame it on other people and play the victim; and when they infect their wives who are at home busy being wives and mothers, or they infect other people, they like to act surprised- as if they did not know what consequences of having multiple partners. This foolishness has got to stop.

Black people, our behaviour is appalling and embarrassing…and the rest of the world is too polite to call us out on it. Gone are the days where HIV caught us unaware, now we all know about it, we are all informed, yet we (black people) are too damn stupid to protect ourselves and others. We (black people) are selfish. We don’t have the foresight for the future, ours, our children’s, our race’s, our continent. We live in the here and now. We (black people) are foolish, we (black people) are imbeciles, morons, especially those of us in the western world, because we do nothing. let me ask this…What are you doing for those affected or infected? What are you doing for yourself that prevents you getting HIV or spreading it? Do you know your status; Do you test regularly? What are you doing to raise awareness?  Do you practice safe sex? Where do you stand when it comes to stigmatization and shaming people that have this condition?

Today, on world AIDS day 2016, I am here to tell you to be responsible. It is everybody’s responsibility, not just that white people that can campaign for us and speak for us, not just the white people that are at World AIDS Day vigil’s around the world every year, not just the researchers to hand us the information that we don’t even process. Responsibility for yourself starts with you, responsibility for your fellow black person also starts with you, responsibility for your family starts with you, the responsibility for wearing a condom is also yours…. EVERYTHING STARTS WITH YOU!

Be a part of the solution and not the problems.

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