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I wanted to end the year by sharing my thoughts on colourism as I have seen so much unawareness and a vast amount of idiocy in 2016. From talk shows with black men and women giving reasons why they prefer to date white people; to light skinned black people acting stupid because they thought having a lighter skin tone put them above people with darker skin socially; to light skinned black people becoming upset at being categorized as black; to light skinned people with an identity crisis as an effect of colourism; to dark skinned black people that have depression/self-harming tendencies/self-esteem issues;  to people being hired for jobs or video/photo shoots because they had a certain complexion…You name it, I saw it this year and I would like to address it.

Firstly, I have no respect for any black person, who attacks or puts down another black person for the shade of their skin. I want to destroy the foolish notion that implies that light skinned black people are superior to the opposite. Black people need to stop getting it twisted. The idea of compartmentalizing people because they are a different shade of black says so much about how we as black people are not ready to accept ourselves. Why then are we angered and upset by white people and other races not accepting us? Why are we upset at racism? Why are we chanting “black lives matter” when we are shot down in our communities, when we experience other inequalities such as when we are not protected by the law or when we get followed around stores whilst shopping because there is a certain perception of what people that look like us are capable of? Why is not being treated with respect as a black person such an issue, when we ourselves don’t respect each other amongst ourselves?  Why do we get upset when white people treat us differently because of the colour of our skin when we don’t respect and value our various skin tones? Why should anyone else accept us without prejudice, when we are busy side-lining and putting each other down with all this team light skin/yellow bone garbage and ignorance?

On a broader scale, I have observed that even President Barack Obama was not acceptable to his own fellow blacks in America because he was half white. For this reason, some black people decided that he was not the first black President- because he wasn’t black enough! Because he was raised by white people, some black people discounted him, as there were opinions around how he wasn’t the one because he had not been anywhere near the black experience, -but that is a topic for a different day. At the end of the day, when white people look at Barack Obama, and one else that is bi-racial, they view him as a black person. When white people look at us; we are black, whether we are mixed race, light/dark skinned or albino, they just see us as black. It is senseless of us, as black people, to be at the forefront in treating other fellow black people differently because they are a different shade of black. At the end of it all, melanin is not measured by our skin complexion. Wake the £*&% up black people!

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