Happy New Year

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personal development/transformational change

screenshot_2017-01-08-12-25-49-1Congratulations for making it to the last day of the year. All week I have been looking back at my year, looking at what I went through, what I learnt, what I embraced, what I rejected, what I plan on burying and never revisiting, and what I will take into 2017. I want you to do the same.

This year I put myself first before anything else. I prioritised my needs and tapped into my feelings to figure myself out.  I let go of being fearful and pursued stuff that I had initially thought was beyond me. I rejected and buried friendships and relationships with people that kept telling me that they loved me and cared about me; yet their actions said something different. I rejected and buried friendships with people that were connected to anything negative that I had ever encountered. I dumped and buried two-faced friends, gossiping friends, and anyone that did not support me or my interests.

I have embraced the stuff that gives meaning to me and my life; stuff like always having a bank balance to cover random stuff, expenses or outings. The love that I receive from my children, especially the sloppy kisses and hugs around my neck that are so tight, but enjoyable all the same. I embrace hearing the words “I love you” from my toddler. I embrace having the choice to retreat from the things and the people that I don’t like. I embrace always remaining true to myself. I embrace being able to speak my mind and having the freedom to do so. I embrace having friends online that I have never met face to face. lastly, I embrace learning great stuff from awesome people and building my success.

31 December 2016, this is the day to celebrate new beginnings. For 2017, push your purpose into action, do the things that bring you joy whilst empowering others. If you want 2017 to be your year, go out and make a change, be fierce, do things that challenge you and most importantly be brave.

Happy New Year!


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