Mother’s Day 2017

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black family

img_1502It’s Mother’s Day, I get to count all my blessings and think about motherhood and how privileged I am to be a mother of four as I am treated to arts and crafts, some juice and toast in my bed.  I realise that some women pray every day to stand in my shoes because they do not have children of their own; or can’t be with their children due to a whole range of reasons.

My typical week consists of waking up my kids each morning to get ready for school, and doing school runs. Depending on the day, I might have appointments for doctors, dentists, after school activities and of course homework. Weekends are about lying in and eating pancakes for breakfast, then afternoons are for days out and or sports training, depending of course on their mood. Now, we have basketball or football training on a Saturday; and yes, my children are girls. Believe me, there are some girls that enjoy getting dirty and sweaty, racing on scooters and bicycles….and making a lot of noise, which I love by the way. Nothing beats a 3-year-old waking up at 4am cos she can’t sleep and decides to play the ukulele. Other kids would only be too happy to crawl into bed with their parents. Nope! not mine. I could suddenly be blessed with a song at odd hours of the morning. They don’t mind, and neither do I to be honest. 

Generally, my girls love the museum, the zoo, soft play….and food. Yes, they love food, too much and it is a joy to watch them eat.

It’s funny how the simplest of things; such as hearing your children’s laughter, can bring so much joy and make the heart so fond. The treat this morning and every other day when they bring me home a picture or a painting from school. The cuddles and kisses that express how much they love you when words fail them; and especially when they are full of cold and with a snotty nose. Of course, it’s not always rosy, sometimes kids get you crazy, they can behave badly and annoy or embarrass you. Sometimes they want too much of you or too much from you, and the impossible from you; and they act out when they don’t have their way. But most times, it’s all love, as they are present to allow me to mother them and experience the privilege. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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